Securing Assets for All Companies & Organizations

Sciens Building Solutions works with all types of industries including commercial businesses, industrial factories, educational institutions, healthcare, government organizations, and many others to protect their people and secure their assets.
Fire Security

Commercial Office & Retail

Ensure your commercial or retail operation can thrive by keeping your customers, staff, and business safe. Sciens offers a complete range of fire protection and security systems to give you peace of mind.

Electrical Services


Avoid costly downtime by keeping your operation compliant and your facility, people and equipment safe. Sciens brings the expertise of a factory-trained, NICET-certified staff to any industrial or manufacturing challenge.

Leak Protection


Safety and security come from the ability to monitor, inspect and maintain transportation hubs and infrastructure. Sciens provides fire protection, security systems, and communication systems to increase awareness of security risks and reduce threats.

Security Systems


Provide your customers with comfort and satisfaction by installing and maintaining effective fire protection and life safety. Sciens operates quietly and professionally in the background to keep each system functioning properly without interrupting customers in relaxed settings.

Data Communications


Provide the highest quality of safety for your staff, patients, and equipment. Sciens ensures Joint Commission compliance at your healthcare facility by providing fire protection, security systems, communication and electrical services.

Data Communications


Ensure reliable operations by protecting your digital assets and sensitive equipment. Sciens offers security systems, fire protection, electrical and data communications services to keep your company up and running.

Security Systems


Provide a safe environment for your faculty and students to thrive while also maintaining the quality of your facilities. Sciens delivers the best in fire protection, security services, electrical services, and communications.

Data Communications


We help preserve the safety of our nation by ensuring the safety of military bases around the country. Sciens provides the best fire protection, security, and electrical system solutions available on the market.