Leak Detection Services

Liquid Leaks Lead to Significant Damage

Insurance companies spend on average $2.5 billion a year for water damage alone, the second most filed insurance claim in the U.S. Water or hazardous liquid leaks from pipes often go unnoticed and can end up causing significant damage that disrupts business, but 93% of incidents are preventable. To ensure a tiny leak doesn’t turn into a flood or create a major hazard, leak prevention and detection is essential to keeping your business safe and dry.

Detect Leaks in Pipes

Sciens Building Solutions ensures that leaks are just minor fixes instead of major disasters. We set up sophisticated systems that can precisely identify when and where liquid leaks happen, enabling you to address the leak immediately. Our sensors can detect not only water leaks, but also other hazardous liquids.

Leak Detection & Location Systems

Detecting and locating leaks early can make the difference between a quick cleanup and a potentially disastrous flood. Sciens uses the most advanced sensing technology available to detect all liquids, including water, solvents, fuels leaks and other hazardous liquids, plus provide precise locations to help minimize damage.

See How Our Leak Detection Services Can Protect Your Business