Electrical Services

Delayed Construction & Energy Waste

Energy costs can account for up to 30% of a commercial building’s expenditures, so it’s important to be as efficient as possible. In a recent report, office buildings in the U.S. lose $60 billion a year due to wasted energy from inefficient systems. In construction or remodel, poor electrical installation can affect your building’s occupancy.

Commercial Electrical Services for Contract

Sciens Building Solutions ensures that you save time and money in the construction and maintenance of your building. We have expert knowledge of efficient electrical design and coordination with construction processes. We provide the highest quality of systems and products on the market that can be custom designed to fit your business location.

Electrical Systems and Services

As your single source, Sciens Building Solutions performs electrical design and construction activities in concert with each other, greatly increasing the success of any demanding schedule and ensuring all elements of the project are aligned. We have proven experience in integrating electrical safety, estimating, design engineering and equipment for optimal solutions, cost savings, and scheduling input. Our professional engineers and electrical field experts have experience on large and small system applications across all main vertical markets.

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