Safety & Security Solutions for Your Business

Sciens Building Solutions delivers complete fire detection and protection, electrical services, leak protection, security systems, and data communications that save lives and protect assets for businesses.
Fire Security

Fire Systems

Sciens offers the highest level of fire safety and protection for your business. We design, install and maintain a full spectrum of systems that will detect, suppress and prevent fires, helping you protect your most important assets.

Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Sciens performs electrical design and construction activities in concert with each other. We have proven experience in integrating electrical safety, estimating, design engineering and equipment for optimal solutions, cost savings, and scheduling input.

Leak Protection

Leak Detection

Detecting and locating liquid leaks early can prevent a potentially disastrous flood. Sciens uses the most advanced sensing technology to detect all liquids and provide precise locations to help minimize damage.

Security Systems

Security Systems

Sciens is a leader in the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of integrated security solutions. Our access control, intrusion, CCTV and cyber security solutions offer the very latest in technology to bring peace of mind.

Data Communications

Data Communications

Sciens has the expertise to develop and build a communication system that meets all your business’s demands. Our full range of products covers everything from a simple public-address system to an integrated advanced emergency notification system.

Expertise & Service

Expert Engineering & Design

Our in-house engineering department is uniquely qualified to provide detailed designs for all types of systems, including fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, security, communication and electrical systems. We use the latest CAD and BIM technology to design systems while our professional engineers review and approve each design to ensure a high standard of excellence and compliance.

Quality Service

Sciens is uniquely positioned to provide our customers code-compliant service for stand-alone or integrated systems locally, regionally and nationally. Our service departments are on call around the clock to keep people safe and building systems up and running, while monitoring your systems via our UL-listed monitoring station. Our broad expertise and solutions allow us to support all your fire, security, communication and electrical service needs, ensuring that these systems are operating in concert with each other. Our compliance testing helps all systems stay up to date with current codes and standards while helping to ensure they operate as intended, should an event occur. Our national account team can provide a single source, while providing consistent and reliable service across multiple locations.

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